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Textile stock

Dzianina na flagi

Medium fabric flagship weighing 105 g

Slightly shiny, available width 100cm and 150cm, used for the manufacturing of flags, banners, garlands.

dzianina o gramaturze190

Fabric weighing 190g

Matte, available width 150 cm, used for banners exhibition frameworks and walls.


Satin fabric weighing 210g

Shiny, width 150 cm, used for flag cases and decorative prints.


Premium fabric weighing 225g

Slightly shiny, available width of 150cm, with highly water resistant coating, used for the production of bags, deck chairs, seat cushions, tents, umbrellas, seat covers.

Tkanina do podświetleń

Fabric for artistic lighting

Weight: 180g, slightly shiny, width 150cm, coated fabric ideal for lighting.

Fabric with Lycra

Weight 130g, available width 140cm, used in the manufacturing of clothing, scenography.



Weight 140g, width 130cm, used for the production of decorative cushions, items of clothing and upholstering furniture.


Blockout fabric

Weight 250g, width 150cm, used for sewing two-sided flags, banners, pennants, curtains.

Savana fabric

Weighing 210g, width 150 cm, the fabric used for upholstering furniture, sewing Roman blinds.



Weight 180g, shiny, available width 150 cm, used for sewing tablecloths, curtains.